Feature Friday: Alice Circle





Our Feature Friday stories are designed to help shed light on local businesses as well as small business owners. This month we are going to give you an insight into a thriving small business located in Rainsville. Alice Circle has been in business since 2012 and has grown exponentially the past few years. 

Alice Pettyjohn is one of the most interesting and kind people you will ever meet. I say interesting because if you get to know her, you will see just how interesting she is. If she could have one super power, it would be to make more super powers. Alice attended Sylvania High School and graduated in the class of 97. After graduating high school she attended Snead Community College where she played both softball and basketball. Yes, you read that right, she was a two sport college athlete. 


After her time at Snead Alice decided to transfer to Auburn University. She found herself in a situation like many college students do, receiving a degree that didn't appeal to her skills or interest. Soon she would discover that her passion was Industrial Design. So, she went back and received a degree in something that she was both good at and interested in. If I was to tell you that she decided on Industrial Design only because it allowed her to draw all day long then I would be telling you the truth. Alice is a true artist, give her a pen, pencil, and paper and she will impress you.

One particularly interesting fact that people do not know about Alice is that she lived in Thailand for two years. She coached both volleyball and basketball as well as taught conversational English. Her heart for people extended to parts of Southeast Asia and she still encourages people to chase their dream as well as travel and explore.


Alice has always been creative and very artistic. She would soon put those skills to the test. She learned a lot about interior design as well as wood work. Her creative ability lead her to start designing and making custom pieces from home. She soon opened up "Alice Circle," which would consist of custom work designed by her as well as some friends. She tried to bring this new market of custom art design to Northeast Alabama and it paid off. She soon found herself thriving and growing. Since then she has expanded into doing classes as well as merchandising her own brand. 

If you have ever met Alice, you know that she loves kids. Alice is a kid at heart and this is probably the main reason she has a love for kids. She opens up her shop to teach classes as well as host parties for children. The following are a list of classes and events that Alice opens the shop up for:

  • Bible Journaling
  • Lettering
  • Kid's Classes
  • Birthday Parties
  • Private Parties
  • Paint Parties